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Mission Partners

An important part of our church’s calling is to pray for, support, and partner with various missions and ministries all across the world.  Below are some of our friends and mission/ministry partners whom we are honored to be prayerfully supporting. 
Dan Baumann

Dan Baumann


I was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up there and went to El Camino Junior College transferred to Wheaton College and finished my Bachelor’s in Business. I joined Youth with a Mission (YWAM) and moved to Afghanistan as a volunteer worker for an eye hospital. I worked for five years full-time and four years part-time working as an administrator at that eye hospital helping to the Afghani people.

In 1997, I went on a two week visit into Iran to share about the love of Jesus. My friend and I were arrested on false charges which eventually led to having two death sentences on my life. I was miraculously released after 9 weeks in the prison. I’ve written a book, Imprisoned in Iran, which shares the details of God’s miracle during this part of my life.

In 1998, I moved to Southern Colorado to join a YWAM training center and began working, training, and discipling young people. While I was in Colorado, me and a friend wrote a second book, A Beautiful Way, about walking with Jesus, which openly and simply discusses the issues we face and how Jesus mets us in the midsts of our journey.

In 2007, I moved to Kona, Hawaii, and joined the YWAM training center there to continue my work with discipling young people. Currently I spend over ½ of my year traveling and teaching in YWAM, churches and universities, challenging and encouraging people to run after and fall in love with Jesus. The rest of the year I am at home at our YWAM Base in Kona, Hawaii, working with our Discipleship Training schools. My passion is to see a generation of people discover who Jesus is and help and encourage them to walk with Him in every area of their life.

In January 2015, I published my 3rd book, A Fresh Look at Fear. The Lord spoke to me when I was in my twenties that by the age of 50 I’d have written three books. He is faithful!


Ed and Linda Hackett

Ed and Linda Hackett


Ed and Linda Hackett have been on the Senior Leadership Team of the International
House of Prayer in Kansas City since it began in May 1999. Ed is a full-time
Intercessory Missionary and helps to give leadership and training for the Prophetic
Ministry on the IHOP-KC Missions Base. His passion is to love the Lord in the Spirit
of the 1st Commandment and to equip and strengthen the Body of Christ to walkout
the joys and challenges of the 2nd Commandment. Ed and Linda have been married
for 36 years and live in Kansas City along with their 3 married daughters and 9

“The IHOPKC community exists to partner in the Great Commission by advancing
24/7 prayer and proclaiming the beauty of Jesus and His glorious return.”

John and Kristen Goh

John and Kristen Goh

Go Seoul Mission Church-South Korea

Our primary goal is to reach the young people in Seoul, especially those in their 20’s and 30’s, to know God well, to be committed to God fully, and to be trained and sent out to the marketplace and/or to the nation for the glory of God and blessing of all people.  We do this not only because this is the “normal” Christianity, but because we believe that both the Korea Reunification and the Global Awakening and Revival are imminent.  Therefore we are seeking & gathering, inspiring & motivating, equipping & training the young people to be evangelists and reformers for this coming season.
Kent Taylor

Kent Taylor


I studied at Wheaton College with John Lee and Shin Kim.

I moved to Izmir, Turkey in 2001, and have been in Turkey a total of about 12 years. 

In 2001, as a team of 12 people, we planted a church named New Birth Church, from which three other churches in other cities in the region were planted. In 2010 we planted Resurrection Church, and continued the responsibility over one of the churches previously planted. The first church and other two churches have continued independent from our oversight. 

The Izmir House of Prayer was started shortly thereafter and is being led by a couple from South Korea. Along with 10 other full-time intercessors, also from South Korea, the Izmir House of Prayer now has continuous worship and prayer 24/7.

We also established a center for raising up harvesters for the harvest God promised prophetically to bring to Turkey. 

A ministry to Syrian refugees resulted in the establishment of a church, which now continues on independent from our oversight as a flourishing church under a Syrian pastor. Additional Syrian ministries, through house-visitation and home bible studies, continues through several members of our church. 

I am currently serving as one of the senior leaders of Resurrection ministries.

Michael and Anna Brown

Michael and Anna Brown


Kids: Eternity and Xavier
Mike and Anna have been working with YWAM for a combined time of 20 years!  Their hearts are to see reformation in the cities and nations of the earth by helping raise up a generation that whole-heartedly follows Jesus.  Currently their primary ministry is helping facilitate training on the University of the Nations YWAM base in Kona Hawaii as well as teaching/speaking/preaching in Kona and around the world.  They have recently turned the leadership of the Awaken ministry over to the next generation of leaders and are seeking God about the next thing He wants them to be building for the Kingdom of our Jesus!


Pastor Suwat and Pastor Wanna Paiboongasemsutti,

Pastor Suwat and Pastor Wanna Paiboongasemsutti,

Thailand House of Prayer (THOP)

Pastor Suwat and Pastor Wanna Paiboongasemsutti are Asbury Theological Seminary
Alumni and have previously served as pastors and seminary instructors. Since 2008, they
have been serving as senior ministers of the Thailand House of Prayer. Their vision is to
see the advancement of the Kingdom of God through 24/7 prayer and worship along with
partnerships with local churches.

Pastor Wanna and Pastor Suwat have been involved in establishing houses of prayer and
equipping churches in prayer, throughout Thailand. For instance, since 2013, the
Bangkok House of Prayer was founded through partnership with Prakanong Church.
Since 2015, Pastor Wanna and Pastor Suwat have also been involved in a nexus to
mission outreach for Children at Risk (human trafficking) at Sanamluang, as well as in
community outreach.

Through their ministry, online equipping is provided to provincial houses of prayer in
Udorn, Khonkaen, Chumpond and Thonburi. This online equipping is done in order to
strengthen the houses of prayer there that are being fully run by laymembers and local
pastors. The inner healing course, “Sozo”, is also provided for the healing rooms. In
2017, the Thai House of Prayer Fellowship was also established due to a need for
discipleship and equipping.
Pastor Wanna and Pastor Suwat are committed to fasting and prayer, the Great
Commission, and to the equipping and sending out of forerunner missionaries.

THOP Network